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Explore meditation with leading authorities on genuine happiness and mind training Matthieu Ricard and Alan Wallace. Imagine Clarity offers a unique opportunity to access uplifting guidance to key inner resources for the 21st century. Start your Journey!

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An essential app for learning about meditation and caring mindfulness.

Imagine Clarity marks a unique collaboration with Matthieu Ricard and Alan Wallace. Carefully prepared practices provide concise and inspiring guidance to cultivate essential tools for everyday life: caring mindfulness, compassion and altruism.

Ten years ago, humanitarian, scientist and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard gave us Happiness, a bestseller that has inspired millions to lead more satisfied lives. His latest masterwork, Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World, provides a major, uplifting contribution to meeting the challenges of our time.

Dr Alan Wallace, prolific writer and translator, brings his deep experience and applied skills to the challenge of integrating traditional Indo-Tibetan Buddhism with the modern world. He was the lead meditation teacher in the Shamatha Project, a major scientific study on intensive meditation by the University of California, Davis. He is also the author of numerous books and essays.

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Cultivate the Life You Imagine

Whether you are exploring meditation for the first time, or have a dedicated practice, Matthieu Ricard and Alan Wallace offer a valuable and unique perspective, with insights drawn from years studying with some of the most important master teachers of our era. In addition to Matthieu’s and Alan’s guidance and practices, the app includes practices led by Charles Hastings, expert meditation teacher and author.


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Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It is thus definitely desirable to achieve an optimal state of mind.

By training the mind through meditation we can increase our wisdom and key qualities, such as inner peace, clarity, compassion and mindfulness. The more we develop these inner qualities, the more inner space we have for wellbeing, resilience and sense of purpose. This is also the way to bring about more compassionate leaders and better human beings.


Matthieu Ricards’s proceeds from the sale of the application go to Karuna-Shechen, a humanitarian organization that he co-founded to provide primary health care and education for under-served populations in the Himalayan region.

Begin your journey

1. Learn: Meditate with Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard, a speaker on Altruism, Caring Mindfulness and Caring Economics at World Economic Forum Davos, and the United Nations, has collaborated with Imagine Clarity to produce a concise collection of uplifting learning modules designed to access key inner resources for resilience and well-being.

2. Practice: Essential tools for daily life

Access daily meditation and mindfulness audio guidance to create your own practice with Dr Alan Wallace and Charles Hastings. Explore wisdom, compassion and mindfulness as tools for resilience and inner peace. Provides additional support both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

3 – Act: Explore Compassion in Action

Everyone deserves kindness and care.  A portion of every app subscription supports the inspiring programs of our non-profit partner Karuna-Shechen, co-founded by Matthieu Ricard to provide healthcare and education programs to underserved people in the Himalayan region. Imagine Clarity is one of the many ways to support Karuna-Shechen’s unique programs. Learn more at

4 – Be Inspired: Updates on latest mind-training research

Explore our blog for dynamic content on neuroscience, Caring Economics,  Caring Mindfulness, and new ways to integrate meditation into your busy life.


What our users say

  • Cette application est un compléments à tous les livres de Matthieu Ricard. Le message qu’il transmet est à prendre au sérieux et les conseils qu’il donne valent la peine d’être intégrés dans nos vies. Une sage application!

  • I must mention that the arguments you offer to back your recommendations, be it for Altruistic love and in the most recent video I saw, of how a mother would feel joy (rather than pain) if she were able to take her child’s burden on her herself etc. encourages me to practice them. Thank you immensely.

  • I cannot thank you enough for the immense blessing ImagineClarity is to myself and I’m sure, to many others. And I sincerely hope that I find within myself the strength to practice your recommendations throughout life – with devotion and dedication.

    Saudi Arabia
  • Thank you Matthieu Ricard for this wonderful resource. I love watching your teaching videos; they are helping me immensely. The Clarity app has come to me at a time of great need, of great suffering and it is giving me the hope and the tools to start a healing process. I cannot thank you enough. Much love.

  • An awesome App! A well renowned monk, deeply learned, each word he spells out goes right into our heart. This app will help a lot of lay and busy people interested in meditation or Buddhism in a much greater way. Thank You!


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